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Where Our Breath Comes From

Instrumentation | woodwind quintet

Year | 2021

Duration | 6'

Premiere | commissioned and premiered by the Spring Wind Quintet

Link to Perusal Score

Note | I think every instrument has its inherent qualities and characteristics that make itself unique and distinct from others. I love clarinet's cloudy tone with ninente, flute's sonority combining pitch and breath, oboe's ability to cut through a texture and appear like a melodic thread, bassoon's mellow tone to melt everyone's mind, and horn's richness to fill any space with the simplest melodies. In this piece, I just combined everything I like about them.

In my personal life, I seek a balance between being an individual and being a part of a community. I believe there is a way to have them both without compromising each other. There's been a lot of violence and hatred recently toward others whom we think are different from us. As a composer, musician, and citizen, I often times feel helpless. However, this piece is my way of showing how we can create something beautiful while preserving our own individuality. I invite you to listen to this piece and also the stories of people around us.

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