On the Way [가는길]

Instrumentation | tenor and piano

Year | 2017

Duration | 5' 30"

Premiere | Premiered by Yongmin Kim and Jungyoon Wie at the Sparks & Wiry Cries songSLAM, Kerrytown Concert House (Ann Arbor, MI) on November 28, 2017

Text | So-wol Kim (1902-1934)


On the Way


I yearn for you

말을 할까

Should I speak to you

하니 그리워.
I do not know

그냥 갈까

Should I just leave



다시 더 한번.......

Again, once more

저 산에도 까마귀, 들에 까마귀
Crows from the mountain and from the field

서산에는 해 진다고

As the sun fades away


They call

앞강물 뒷강물

River from both ways

흐르는 물은

is flowing,

어서 따라오라고 따라가자고

tells me to follow

흘러도 연달라 흐릅디다려

flowing incessantly