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Dan Poong [단풍; Autumn Leaves]


Note | Dan poong in Korean refers to the phenomenon of green leaves changing its color to yellow, orange, and brown in the late autumn. In Korea, this happens in November when the temperature drops, telling us winter is near. Beautiful fall colors form and yet disppear into bare tree branches within the span of just two to three weeks.

In November 2021, I got to visit Korea and spend time with my mom. It was after two years of not having been able to go back, due to the corona virus. I arrived at Seoul with all the fall colors that had just begun to form - everyone was talking about how beautiful dan poong was and yet mourning how short-living it was. In my memory, I associate these fall colors with the time I spent with my mom. The time feels short but also long because my memory is so vivid and warm. I remember walking with her to get lunch, holding hands, and enjoying the view of dan poong. In this piece, I wanted to capture this moment in my life as this is also one that had passed, yet my memory can continue to live in this piece without restrictions to time.

No. 1

Instrumentation | violin duo

Year | 2022

Duration | 5' 30"

Premiere | premiered virtually by Harumi Rhodes and Edward Dusinberre in 2022 

Link for Score Purchase

No. 2

Instrumentation | string quartet

Year | 2022

Duration | 5' 30"

Premiere | co-commissioned by the Caine College of the Arts, Utah State University and the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music and premiered by the Caine String Quartet in 2022 

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