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A Popular Tune

Instrumentation | string quartet

Year | 2020

Duration | 8' 30"

Premiere | commissioned and premiered by the Del Sol String Quartet

Link for Score Purchase

Note | It is every composer's dream to write a popular tune at least once in their career, and now I can say with confidence I wrote A Popular Tune...! This piece is my another attempt to write simple, beautiful, and intelligent music that I hope can be appreciated by many folks out in the world who love music like myself. A Popular Tune has an obvious premise to its structure; the melody repeats while the background changes. This musical structure of repeating melodies is often used in popular songs, but... you may imagine yourself as the melody while surroundings change. Perhaps you like to travel, or your life has gone through multiple changes, or you're just like me who enjoys the sun, water, and breeze as you go about your day. Let's go on this journey with me! 

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